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I was always artsy — always drawing, always painting. I was pretty quiet. Actually, I’m still kind of quiet. I preferred to play by myself than with anyone else. But I played with other people, too… when I had to [Laughs]. My parents were like, “Why don’t you have friends over?”

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The A-Z of Beauty knows no bounds, it’s not about perfection, it’s about celebrating individuality around the world. Showcasing 26 make-up looks by our amazing new Beauty Editor Isamaya Ffrench, i-D’s latest fashion alphabet brings together our favourite girls of the moment: Ola Rudnicka flutters her black “kohl” eyes while Sigrid Agren drips with colourful “oils”, Caroline Brasch Nielsen “smudges” paints across her face while Devon Windsor glows with a “tan” that shines as bright as the sun and the stars. Directed by Daniel Sannwald and styled by Sarah Richardson, the A-Z of Beauty starts off our very special Beauty Week; come back every day for essays, interviews and shoots that celebrate the world of cosmetics. And never forget, in the words of Victor Hugo, that “to love beauty is to see light.”

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